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By Wilson Almonte MD
January 27, 2021
Tags: joint pain  

If you’re dealing with joint pain our team can provide you with the relief you need.

Do your joints hurt? If this is something that you’ve just recently noticed this could be a sign of inflammation; however, if joint pain is persistent or you’re experiencing regular flare-ups then you could be dealing with arthritis. Since arthritis has the ability to lead to long-term joint damage, it’s important that you turn to a doctor right away. Our Victoria and Sugar Land TX, pain management doctors Dr. Wilson Almonte and Dr. Ted Lin can help you manage joint pain effectively.

Here are just two of the most effective solutions we offer to help you get your joint pain under control,

Physical Therapy

Whether your joint pain is due to arthritis or an acute condition such as tendinitis, you could benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapy provides customized exercises and ways to ease pain while also improving functionality and mobility in everyday life. Our physical therapists can help to improve alignment, boost blood flow and reduce inflammation and pain through regular physical therapy sessions.

Joint Injections

Along with physical therapy, we offer a variety of minimally invasive treatment options to ease both acute and chronic forms of joint pain. One way to provide fast pain relief is through joint injections. While our Sugar Land, TX, pain doctors will still want to determine the underlying cause of your joint pain, joint injections can still provide immediate and short-term relief, which can be beneficial for those dealing with chronic and severe joint pain. Joint injections should be used in conjunction with other treatment options and therapies including physical therapy, which can aid in recovery or maintenance of the disease, disorder or injury.

What can our pain doctors do for you?

We offer a wide range of physical therapy options and joint injections to provide you with the individualized treatment you need. Once we’ve made a proper diagnosis, we can create a customized treatment plan that will help to improve how your body functions as a whole. We can also,

  • Show you proper posture to practice throughout the day, whether you’re performing certain activities or simply sitting at your desk
  • Provide additional treatments and therapies including splints and bracing
  • Prescribe certain activities and exercises that are safe for those with arthritis and other causes of joint pain
  • Offer recommendations and ways to improve your environment (e.g. ergonomic chairs)

If you are living with joint pain in Victoria or Sugar Land, TX, the team at Victoria Pain & Rehabilitation Center, and Brazos Pain Management can help you combat your joint pain. To schedule an evaluation with us, call (361) 575-2882 or (281) 240-4300.

By Victoria Pain & Rehabilitation Center Interventional Pain Management
April 13, 2020
Category: Joint Pain
Tags: joint pain  

Your joints are responsible for the movements you perform every day, from writing a note to walking across the street. Joint pain, as you joint painmight imagine, makes these normal tasks difficult, even impossible. As many as one-third of adults report having pain in their joints within the last month, with the knees, shoulders, and hips being the most commonly affected areas. Dr. Wilson Almonte and Dr. Ted Lin at Victoria Pain & Rehabilitation Center in Victoria, TX, as well as Brazos Pain Management in Sugar Land, TX, commonly treat this ailment. Our team of experts outlines the basics of joint pain and how it is effectively treated.

Common causes of joint pain

Many of our patients at Victoria Pain & Rehabilitation Center and Brazos Pain Management who have joint pain are dealing with some form of arthritis, whether it's due to the breakdown of the cushioning cartilage between the joints (osteoarthritis) or a malfunctioning immune system (rheumatoid arthritis). Gout or bursitis, which involves fluid buildup around the joints, is painful as well. Injuries like strains and sprains are also responsible for the pain felt in wrist and ankle joints. This is only a shortlist of common conditions your interventional pain management team treats. Your Victoria, TX, and Sugar Land, TX, joint specialist works with you to determine the exact cause of your joint pain.

Treatment of joint pain

At Victoria Pain & Rehabilitation Center and Brazos Pain Management, we focus on using interventional pain management techniques whenever possible to help our patients with their chronic joint pain. These techniques are minimally invasive (non-surgical) and are aimed at treating joint pain at the source through injections of steroids or synthetic fluids to replace the loss of natural lubricants. Cold therapy and electric nerve stimulation are also used to slow the body's response to pain in the affected area. These treatments are used in conjunction with physical therapy exercises. Your Sugar Land, TX, and Victoria, TX, joint pain doctor will customize a treatment plan that alleviates your symptoms while managing your discomfort between appointments.

To schedule an appointment regarding joint pain with Dr. Wilson Almonte or Dr. Ted Lin, contact Victoria Pain & Rehabilitation Center in Victoria, Texas at (361) 575-2882. We also have an office located in Sugar Land, TX. Brazos Pain Management can be reached at (281) 240-4300. Call us today!